Transfer funds globally with ease using cryptocurrency.



Connect your wallet to ExtraFundPro and begin seamless money transfers.


Why ExtraFundPro?

Easy to use

ExtraFundPro is an efficient, effective and user-friendly platform. With just one account, you can shop at millions of merchants around the world. You can Send money to family and friends anywhere in the world. Use any of your device to manage your account on the go with the pesalink app

Faster Processing

Timely processing of transaction and instant settlement and notification updata Your friends and family don't have to wait for hours to receive payments. Merchant are able to clear you immediately allowing for a seamless transaction.


ExtraFundPro gurantees secure transaction with end to end encryption We're the most trusted place for people and businesses to buy, sell, and manage crypto. We don't share your full financial information with sellers. When you shop with ExtraFundPro our Buyers Protection covers your eligible purchases incase of anything.

Intergrate All your cryprocurrency accounts in one Platform.

ExtraFundPro is for everyone who pays or gets paid.

We connect buyers and sellers, friends and family

ExtraFundPro accepts all cryptocurrencies and linking with various platfoms. We're the most trusted place for people and businesses to buy, sell, and manage crypto.

How it Works

Step 1

Connect your wallet to ExtraFundPro. Our application allows you to connect with various wallets.

Step 2

With one Click, transfer funds to your ExtraFundPro wallet. The transfer is updated in seconds. Your funds become available for use immediately.

Step 3

Start Transacting. Buy and sell Cyrpto around the world. Send money to friends and Family. Pay for goods and services at merchant stores around the world. Widraw money directly to back account or other wallets